Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year!

My brother Dan the big ugly sweater winner!

kelly and kristen at the ugly sweater party
Yvonne and Dana -ugly hawaiian shirt lol
Kristen and Jay in their ugly sweaters!
kelly and Tanya at our holiday party - hey where are the sweaters lol
Adam and Christina wearing their ugly sweaters!
Well its been a crazy month - for most people. Above are some pics from our ugly sweater party! For those with chronic illess its physically difficult as well. I have had a wonderful and blessed holiday season but my body has taken a hit so I have been resting alot the last couple of days. I got a new digital camera body for xmas...I have waited three plus years for it so in the last two weeks I have already taken 1100 photos!! I am thrilled. Now that its almost 2011 it has me looking back at 2010 and I have to say its been quite the ride this life! I am so lucky to have the pain clinic and all that they offer and contribute to my quality of life! I have my friends and family for which I wouldn't want to do the life that I have....I feel truely blessed to have the people in my life that I have. I miss my bestest bud and my kids the most but I am greatful for email and phone and hopefully webcam this year! I am hopeful that airfare prices will come down soon, so that penny and the kids can come see us soon! And our new home. I would love that. 2011 has many possibilities so - heres to 2011 and all the good health and happiness we can handle! MAY EVERYONE HAVE A FANTASTIC 2011.