Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greeting cards (photo)

Well in case some of you didn't know I am a photographer...and I have my own website where i sell my images and greeting cards! I also make bracelets and when i get around to it i will post some pics of those as well. I have recently added some new pics from Alberta....i love the horse pics. I feel so calm and peaceful when i am photographing nature ...its a way i can accompllish something meaningful...something i can pass onto they can see the world the way i do. I love to share the preciousness of life.....i am just learning about this blog and how to make it spiffy so over time i think you will enjoy the upgrades. Until next time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life is changing!

Well life is moving along. I appologize that it has been so long since my last blog but it seems that with all that has been going on in life and with my health i had to give up alot of things and so my blog was one of the things that i didn't have energy for. But I am proud to say that I am on the board of directors for the Fibromyalgia wellspring foundation and i am awaiting for ileaostomy surgery! Alot going on. I am also making bracelets and selling my photos and greeting cards...images to come soon. I just wanted to start getting back into typing and posting something.....anthing - gotta start some where! I am also excited to say that I am going to be getting mobility scooter which I will get more into in one of my next blogs with pictures for sure! But my bestfriend penny suggested this years ago and I couldn't afford it...but I have insurance coverage so I am super exited...thank you pen for planting that seed in my head all those year ago. I am also planning a Hoe Down for the FM group as a fundrasier and I am on the decorating committee so that has been fun too! So much to say and so little time. I promise to be back again soon and oooh yes i recieved my first ketamine treatment as well and I feel great so far! Yae! well that is a few high lights I will report more in depth on some of these things soon.