Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its almost Halloween!

Ohhh I love Halloween! My cousin Rachel just helped me figure out what to be for halloween - I am going to be a fish tank!! I have a fish hat and I am going to use a blue sheet and put sea life on it! Exciting...and easy and fun! I am using my lidocaine holder that Penny made me for the first time...I will send her a photo to post.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A big Week

Its October 25th - and its a full week....exciting full of activity. Today is My hubby's Birthday - 36 today! And I certainly can't squak as my birthday is in 2 months lol. But it is so odd to me that we have been together for almost 20 years which is long when you are only 36 - but its a special bond I treasure....knowing eachother, helping each other grow over the years in the good times and in the hard times....its pretty cool. But today is Adam's Birthday - Kristen and I gave him his birthday gifts - so cd's and a dvd etc and then to my parents to celebrate with cake! At times like this I wish my bestest bud and my babies lived closer but - we think of themm talk to them and have cake for them too! :) - and I gain another pound lol. Its a special week as on wednesday Adam and I are going to a thank you tea that we were invited to by Dr. Lau and I am very excited. The Hospital Foundation bought a new piece of equipment for the pain clinic and Dr. Lau is giving a short speech about it. I am so honoured to have been invited and to be apart of it. I feel kinda bad that Kristen can't go...I wish she could but with her new job she isn't able to. Well I started taking my Cannibis spray 4 x per day and sometimes it seems to really help and sometimes I just feel plain loopy ( I know just when you thought I couldn't get any more loopy!) lol.....tomorrow I am going to see Ethel and then Heather is coming for dinner - which is great haven't seen her for a while....wednesday the Tea and lunch with my mom and goodness note to self to pay more attention when things drop into my week! I will post a new photo of me wearing the new Lido holder after my apt thursday! Well butterflies in my tummy about this tea tomorrow. Till next time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Day And Appointment That We Have Been Waiting For!

So today was the big day we have been waiting for...the appointment with Dr. May Ong -Lam - it went really well over all. She wants to do her own diagnosis, so she gave me the homework of getting her as much info and results that we can get for her. She also wants me to see a Gastro Dr. at St. Paul's hospital  and hopefully work with. She also did an examination and said that the right side of my intestine is working less than the right side, which makes sense since its the right side that has pain. She also asked me to take one of my sativex spray four times per day to see if it helped the pain. So it looks like it won't be till next year before I would get into the hospital - I am also wondering if I may end up with another surgery if she finds that I have something structural versus functional. So I am exited to see where we go from here!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Day

Well I am back, its been a good few days had Cindy (our room mate Kristen's mom) here and I have a really nice time visiting with her and hanging out. I will be sad to see her go home on Sunday. My pain level hasn't been so good, in spite of having had lido on Wednesday....not sure what that is about...maybe nerves - we go see a new doc on Tuesday - about my three week stay at St. Pauls hospital  - so forgive my nervousness. I haven't built any trust up yet with this doc. Just trusting my current Dr. Lau - and I do trust her. Well Just home from seeing the Social network and it was really good. Tomorrow to the Pumpkin patch with Caellum and Dario. Back soon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

So my best friend Penny encouraged me to start this blog and I wanted to make this post a tribute to her and her blog - her blog is called  she is a very talented person that sews!!- below is a photo of Penny and I together at her wedding last summer! Thank you so much for always encouraging me even when I want to crawl into a hole and eat cheesecake!! Penny is the one wearing cream and I am the one wearing green (as usual!) Love you Mamma!

 Since I am a photographer I wanted to share a couple of the classic photos that I love and that you can view along with many other on my website  - Hope you enjoy the photos and I welcome any comments you may have!

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well It is a busy week, Kristen's mom is coming this weekend for a week - which is great i like her alot - she is a doll! But it is getting me going with cleaning out the third bedroom so that we can use it for people to sleep in when they come - so its a good thing really - putting a fire under me getting things going to finish unpacking etc. Today i put up the last of the pics that needed to be hung, and i unpacked a couple boxes and adam moved a couple boxes into our closet so i am over half way there now...hoping to finish tomorrow and then its just the usual cleaning stuff and then put the blow up mattress up - but kris can do that. So i have been sleeping really well the last few days and I am taking advantage of and yesterday i slept till almost noon! Ten hours both days - with getting up 3 times...not bad at all! I went to see my nan tonight - I love visiting her, I had to explain what was going on  with my health and me going to the hospital without scaring her, I think I did a good job of explaining and she didn't cry so that was great. Donations for the run are coming along well - yesterday we had a 30 dollar donation and today 50 dollar...I am really happy - I am sure we are going to hit 1000.00 yae!! That will be wonderful for the pain clinic. I am really excited that Dr. Lau might be there at the finish line, I don't know for sure since its a holiday she said she would do her best but just the idea that she even wanted to come does my heart good. I am going to work on more beading and soapstone carving this week....I am excited about the bear that I am carving I will have to post some pics when I am done.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well its officially October - I love fall, i love the colors, the smells and the sounds, even the food too. Pumpkin everything - yummy. Well I have been feeling very drained emotionally - more confused than normal which leads to frustration all around (me and everyone in my household) which leads to fear and sadness but I am NOT giving up. I will talk until I can't talk anymore....communication is key - as my mind has its own dialogue that has a strange story going most of the time due to medication - so from time to time I need to check in with those around me to see if the story in  my head is accurate cause most of the time its NOT. Its amazing how certain activities can cause so much joy and warm fuzzies and others not so much. I watched this moved Precious last night - it was disturbing and i had a stress headache so bad after watching it I had a hard time sleeping. Boy was I grateful for my life after watching that movie. Based on a true story which is scary too!! Well only a little over a week until the half marathon and we need to raise more money!! Must post it on face book again and see if any one is interested. Trying to reach $1000 - well I am going to lay low and attempt to decompress and fall asleep. It was a good day. Tomorrow I am going to sleep in and put shelves up with Adam and go to his parents to be with Caellum and Dario for a bit. I sure miss my babies - I love them soo much - hopefully the web cam on our computer will work when it gets set up and we can see each other every week on it!! Well off to get some zzzzz's