Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well its officially October - I love fall, i love the colors, the smells and the sounds, even the food too. Pumpkin everything - yummy. Well I have been feeling very drained emotionally - more confused than normal which leads to frustration all around (me and everyone in my household) which leads to fear and sadness but I am NOT giving up. I will talk until I can't talk anymore....communication is key - as my mind has its own dialogue that has a strange story going most of the time due to medication - so from time to time I need to check in with those around me to see if the story in  my head is accurate cause most of the time its NOT. Its amazing how certain activities can cause so much joy and warm fuzzies and others not so much. I watched this moved Precious last night - it was disturbing and i had a stress headache so bad after watching it I had a hard time sleeping. Boy was I grateful for my life after watching that movie. Based on a true story which is scary too!! Well only a little over a week until the half marathon and we need to raise more money!! Must post it on face book again and see if any one is interested. Trying to reach $1000 - well I am going to lay low and attempt to decompress and fall asleep. It was a good day. Tomorrow I am going to sleep in and put shelves up with Adam and go to his parents to be with Caellum and Dario for a bit. I sure miss my babies - I love them soo much - hopefully the web cam on our computer will work when it gets set up and we can see each other every week on it!! Well off to get some zzzzz's

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  1. "I know I'm in my own world. It's OK, they know me here!" Remember that fridge magnet of mine? Maybe we should get you one too! The stories in your head are hard to wrestle is good to check in every once in a while to make sure what is real. The movie sounds scary! Thanks for the heads up....I won't be watching it! Hope you had a good night and good luck with the shelves today! Love ya.