Thursday, October 28, 2010

Its almost Halloween!

Ohhh I love Halloween! My cousin Rachel just helped me figure out what to be for halloween - I am going to be a fish tank!! I have a fish hat and I am going to use a blue sheet and put sea life on it! Exciting...and easy and fun! I am using my lidocaine holder that Penny made me for the first time...I will send her a photo to post.


  1. The babies think the aquarium is a great idea! OUr pumpkins are out (at Auntie Sharron's!) and we are off to Hilary's for a trick or treat loop!

  2. awww glad they liked my idea as i thought about it with them in mind and their love of fish. I like to think I helped start that love with the semease fighting fish and the fish i had and nanna jan had and then you had and continue to have. I miss all of you. love bee