Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Day

Well I am back, its been a good few days had Cindy (our room mate Kristen's mom) here and I have a really nice time visiting with her and hanging out. I will be sad to see her go home on Sunday. My pain level hasn't been so good, in spite of having had lido on Wednesday....not sure what that is about...maybe nerves - we go see a new doc on Tuesday - about my three week stay at St. Pauls hospital  - so forgive my nervousness. I haven't built any trust up yet with this doc. Just trusting my current Dr. Lau - and I do trust her. Well Just home from seeing the Social network and it was really good. Tomorrow to the Pumpkin patch with Caellum and Dario. Back soon.


  1. Hope you feel better after seeing the new DR. I know what nerves can do! I am jealous and wish I was coming to the pumpkin patch! Love ya

  2. well the pumpkin patch was fun but its not the same without you and our little people - that is for sure. Hunter and kelly were sick so they didn't come either - need to try and take hunter another day for pics. Hard day emotionally - not sure why - just seem overwhelmed I think the new doc and the hospital are hard too. Thanks for the support as always. Hugs, beesley