Thursday, October 7, 2010


Well It is a busy week, Kristen's mom is coming this weekend for a week - which is great i like her alot - she is a doll! But it is getting me going with cleaning out the third bedroom so that we can use it for people to sleep in when they come - so its a good thing really - putting a fire under me getting things going to finish unpacking etc. Today i put up the last of the pics that needed to be hung, and i unpacked a couple boxes and adam moved a couple boxes into our closet so i am over half way there now...hoping to finish tomorrow and then its just the usual cleaning stuff and then put the blow up mattress up - but kris can do that. So i have been sleeping really well the last few days and I am taking advantage of and yesterday i slept till almost noon! Ten hours both days - with getting up 3 times...not bad at all! I went to see my nan tonight - I love visiting her, I had to explain what was going on  with my health and me going to the hospital without scaring her, I think I did a good job of explaining and she didn't cry so that was great. Donations for the run are coming along well - yesterday we had a 30 dollar donation and today 50 dollar...I am really happy - I am sure we are going to hit 1000.00 yae!! That will be wonderful for the pain clinic. I am really excited that Dr. Lau might be there at the finish line, I don't know for sure since its a holiday she said she would do her best but just the idea that she even wanted to come does my heart good. I am going to work on more beading and soapstone carving this week....I am excited about the bear that I am carving I will have to post some pics when I am done.

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