Friday, October 8, 2010

So my best friend Penny encouraged me to start this blog and I wanted to make this post a tribute to her and her blog - her blog is called  she is a very talented person that sews!!- below is a photo of Penny and I together at her wedding last summer! Thank you so much for always encouraging me even when I want to crawl into a hole and eat cheesecake!! Penny is the one wearing cream and I am the one wearing green (as usual!) Love you Mamma!


  1. OK! I'm blushing! You need to go to How Does She and enter their draw...the requirement is to compliment some one...I think this qualifies! Next time you want to sneak into a hole and eat cheesecake though...let me know, After I hall your carcass out....I'm eatin' the cheesecake LOL!!! love ya

  2. yep - i knew it would be you eating the cheesecake LOL that's the way its always been with you and I (Thelma and Louise) - you make a real difference in my world and I want everyone to know it!!