Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Day And Appointment That We Have Been Waiting For!

So today was the big day we have been waiting for...the appointment with Dr. May Ong -Lam - it went really well over all. She wants to do her own diagnosis, so she gave me the homework of getting her as much info and results that we can get for her. She also wants me to see a Gastro Dr. at St. Paul's hospital  and hopefully work with. She also did an examination and said that the right side of my intestine is working less than the right side, which makes sense since its the right side that has pain. She also asked me to take one of my sativex spray four times per day to see if it helped the pain. So it looks like it won't be till next year before I would get into the hospital - I am also wondering if I may end up with another surgery if she finds that I have something structural versus functional. So I am exited to see where we go from here!!

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