Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joshua Morro

Well I like a lot of people watch young and the restless....and "Nick" (Joshua morrow) came to the mall down the street from me. I got up early (for me) and stood in line for an hour and a half to meet him, shake his hand, get an autograph!! I have been beaming all day. He is hot and down to earth. He is married and has three was actually a contest. Some lucky person named Michelle won and she got picked up in a Limo and got to spend time with hi (her and 3 friends) 250 other people wait in line to meet him and there are tv's with the show was fun!! I went with Tanya (I went to high school with her) and ran into her the day before in the states while shopping (what are the odds!) so anyways Tanya, her friend Val and myself met at the mall and had fun drooling over Joshua. I got my photo taken with him (my eyes are closed of course!) but I still look happy. I started thinking about how I got hooked watching the show... and the person that got me into the show was my a kid we would watch it together. Then I was hooked and eventually I got my Nan hooked too! It was a great experience and I am so glad I went. I immediatley walked to Walmart to get my photo printed (me and josh) and then home for a rest. (dreaming about Josh ) lol Well off to dinner at my parents...glad to share my fun. Cheers for now!!

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  1. Hee are so much like my Mom when it comes to this stuff! She met "Brad" when he came here. I still have her autographed picture somewhere!